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Fortune Telling Tools

Tarot Cards and Oracle Decks, Crystal Gazing Balls in many colors, Scrying Mirrors, and for those who seek to communicate with the past try one of the Ouji Boards. There are Runes made from bones to stones. The Lapis Runes are my favorite.

Here is my best advice for picking out your first Tarot Cards. Take your time and read through the information and see if you feel anything if not move on to the next set. When you get that feeling (you will know it) review those cards.

This is not a hurry-up kinda thing you will need to give yourself a chance to understand what that feeling is and start tuning into that. That is where your true magick exists and your power of insight and intuition comes from. 

Once you find the cards that call to you, this is your connection to your cards. Once you feel that feeling those are the ones you want to buy. No one can choose better than you.

You do not need to ask anybody if these are better than those because each set is different but all sets offer a unique outlook and interpreting them is a skill like anything else. It takes practice, practice, practice.

I have been waiting to share all this with you.

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