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Merry meet and welcome to Mystic Mementos where you will find 
tools and supplies for all your craftwork.

If you are just starting out be sure to select a journal to 
begin notetaking of all your daily magickal adventures. 


Having a written record of your adventures will be useful a little 
later and I will provide a link to that information but for 
now, just know you need a journal. 

You will also need an additional journal or choose one of these
beautiful leather embossed blank books to begin your personal 
Grimoire is also known as your
'Book of Shadows'.   

This will be where you input your spellwork and results and 
specific details that you want to remember about your 
spellwork, I have a great selection. 

As you look through them you will feel one call to you more 
than the others and that is the one that you want to pick, 
you want that connection.

Having a connection with your Book of Shadows empowers your 
spellwork and is the beginning of true Magick.


If you are looking for a wand, look no further I have here for 
you traditional wands made from
Maple, Willow, Rosewood, and 
Ash all are one of a kind. There are also Money Wands
Healing Wands, and even some Chakra Wands.

My goal is to provide you the highest quality products that you
will treasure for years to come. 

Let me also let you know you receive a discount on every product
so no matter where you see it if I have it you will get the best
price here.

My name is Mystic and I am a good white witch. My grandmother 
came from Spain and being a gypsy she taught me many of the 
older gypsy ways, these things will always be a part of me. 


There were also many things I already knew and gravitated to
even at an early age that had to do with my relationship with
all things on this earth and beyond. 


I am still learning and I like that I can share all this with

Your journey may be just starting, or maybe you are mid-way to
where your magick takes you, it may be hard to tell. 

It is important to know you are right where you are meant to be.

This is your journey and no one can fill in the blank pages but

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Thank you for your visit and if you have any questions or
suggestions please email me at 
Click Here.


Mystic - Gypsy Witch

P.s. Oh also if you have any witch questions you can send them
       to raven@mysticmementos.com. I will be adding a page
       called 'Go Ask Raven' where Lady Raven will answer your
       most bewitching questions.

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