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Merry meet and merry part
Bright the cheeks and warm the heart
Mind the Threefold Law you should
Three times bad and three times good

Welcome to Mysticmementos.com

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Gypsy Witch Poem


Merry Meet to all that seek the trinkets I have found.


No matter the season you are here for a reason


Do not deny that which is so clear.


Outside looking in is where you begin


So I suggest you start by first listening to your heart.


Something calls to you, I hear it too.


What is it that you seek?


A spell you say, step right this way


Well you're in luck


I have many please take a look


Get what you need and be on your way


Have you been here more than once today?


Choose a spell kit or make your own


For those seeking an answer one will be shown


Runes, Tarot Cards, Wands, Crystals and more


Is what ye will find in this Mystical store


Mystic Mementos a Gypsy Witch haven


Filled with all of the Trinkets your Magick is craving


Having a hard time deciding?


Then go ask Lady Raven.


As your magickal journey begins


 Remember there is strength in family and friends.


 Mystery abounds in the spells we cast


To always harm none is all ye ask


Give freely from the heart, help everyone you meet


It's where true magick starts


If that is what you seek


Believe in yourself and stay on the right path


I hope that is not too much to ask


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Now Merry part and be on your way,

Mystic Gypsy Witch


P.s. Looking for something not on the shelf shoot me an email and I will see how I can help.

      Come back soon so you do not miss any new products, sales, and specials offered.

      I promise never to share or sell your email and value your privacy as if it were my own.


Happy Shopping!


Here you will find a little bit of everything. Altar decor, Magick wands, Pendulums, Mats & Mystic Jewelry, Smudge Stix, and more.

Come craft your own spells everything is here.  Looking for prepared spells kits look no further they are under Spell Rituals and also under Bath Rituals.

Candles and Essential Oils are in their own category but there are some Spell Candles here so take a look.  

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Moon Reading



Personalized Moon Reading

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